quotel Amazing Pet Expo was a very enjoyable experience with professionalism, cleanliness, helpful staff. We were able to get the exposure we needed and provide the educational materials we like to give to the community. quoter
- Broward Ferrett Rescue

quotel Amazing Pet Expos know how to put on a show. quoter
- Sit Means Sit/PetTech

quotel Amazing Pet Expos was a wonderful event. We were able to reach so many pet lovers in a single day. It was especially nice that dogs could attend, too. quoter
- Citizens for Pets in Condos

quotel We always make very good connections at the Amazing Pet Expo show. My website gets a lot of hits & my sales go up. quoter
By Moms 4 Pets

quotel I love working with Amazing Pet Expos because they are so professional and an honest pleasure to work with. quoter

quotel Kittie Dog Pet Photography had a great time participating in the 2012 Charlotte Pet Expo. The Amazing Pet Expos staff was amazing. We know the business exposure we had today will benefit us in the future. quoter
Kittie Dog Pet Photography

quotel The staff at Amazing Pet Expos was very friendly and knowledgeable. They took the time to answer all my questions and got me the physical address so I could program my G.P.S. quoter
From the Heart of the Penguins

quotel Always happy to meet the cause-conscious attendees at Amazing Pet Expo! Great community of people. quoter
Scentsy - No More Fires - Spiegel Burn Foundation

quotel The Amazing Pet Expos are well-run and exciting events that helps us reach a passionate audience. quoter
Life + Dog

quotel Amazing Pet Expos allows us maximum exposure to the best group of people--Pet Lovers! It allows us to not only promote our product/services but to do so to a large audience at one time! Under one roof! Great experience! quoter
Maxnificent! The Polka Dot Pyrenees

quotel We highly recommend Amazing Pet Expos. The turnout is always superb and the venues well selected. We use our experience at APE as the baseline for any and all other shows. We plan to sign up for another six locations next year. Thanks for everything! quoter
Mystic Sea

quotel We are very happy to have been able to be apart of this amazing experience. It is wonderful to see how many people love their animals. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of Amazing Pet Expos! quoter
Luv A Pet Inc.

quotel My experience dealing with the staff of Amazing Pet Expos was wonderful! quoter
Kidz Entertainment, Inc.

quotel Once again, great attendance! Pet Expo is a great avenue to show case any pet product. The attendees come to find unique items and to save money. I’m glad we signed up with Amazing Pet Expo! quoter

quotel Very welcoming and orderly. With the experience of training dogs, competing, providing seminars for 20 years I can honestly say The Amazing Pet Expos are top notch! Very inviting, organized, and professional. All the people from marketing to coordinating were super efficient! We look forward to seeing and helping it grow! quoter
Micmac Teaching for Dogs

quotel As always, Austin shines as a pet-friendly city and Amazing Pet Expos shines as a great example of how to produce a top quality event. We love showing at your Pet Expos. quoter
Paws for Water

quotel I have never exhibited my company on this scale before. Amazing Pet Expos is extremely professional and experienced. You don’t have to worry about putting on a good show, with Amazing Pet Expos all of the tools are made easily available. quoter
Canine Constitutional

quotel Amazing Pet Expo are in a class of their own when it comes to pet events. Tagg always takes the opportunity to attend whenever possible. quoter
Tagg The Pet Tracker

quotel It was such a pleasure working with the amazing pet expo staff in Dallas. They really went above and beyond to ensure we had a positive vendor experience. Looking forward to Phoenix next weekend! quoter
Hill's Science Diet

quotel We really enjoyed the opportunity that Amazing Pet Expos provided. Thank you. quoter
Best Bully Sticks

quotel From the first email about this expo, I really enjoyed all the emails and option to pick our spot. Good communication with Amazing Pet Expo and I was not confused or uneducated as to where to go/park/set up at. Also on Facebook there was great advertisement about this event. quoter
Best Friends Pet Care

quotel Amazing Pet Expo provides exhibitors with outstanding customer service. They also do an excellent job promoting events and driving large crowds to the venue. I would definitely recommend their expos for businesses looking to attract people who are passionate about their pets. quoter
Sensibly Chic Designs for Life

quotel Overall I think Amazing Pet Expos had a very good show. I was pleased to be here. Thank you for such a wonderful spot. quoter
A Farm ID Tag

quotel More traffic, better organization, always helpful staff for Amazing Pet Expos. quoter
SNIP Regional Spay & Neuter Clinic

quotel Amazing Pet Expos has a great staff. The event has a great crowd and we are looking forward to next year! quoter
Autobarn Subaru of Countryside

quotel Great event! Very well organized and the people at the Amazing Pet Expo’s are great to work with. quoter
Ultimate Images Plus – Photography

quotel The Amazing Pet Expo was a great place to meet new customers, there was a great flow of people. I look forward to attending the next show! quoter
Protect A Pet

quotel Every step of preparing for & exhibiting w/ Amazing Pet Expo was positive. Staff was amazing before and after. quoter
Move Mutt

quotel Amazing Pet Expos did such a great job setting up! Thank you so much for all you did for us to have such a successful show. quoter
Pet Vaccination Services

quotel The Amazing Pet Expo has helped us to make good contacts. Thanks. quoter
Sammy Doo Diaper Wraps

quotel It has always been a pleasure to work with everyone from Amazing Pet Expos. I plan on seeing you again in the very near future. quoter
Addison Logan

quotel I thought Amazing Pet Expos did a great job using social media; there was a steady crowd of pet people throughout the day! quoter
Rabbit Advocates/Whimsy by Erin

quotel Amazing Pet Expos is great! I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Long Beach show and was pleasantly surprised by the traffic and customer service! Outstanding! Thanks for another incredible show! quoter

quotel The Amazing Pet Expo was “Amazing”! Lots of friendly people and pets – our booth was busy all day! The show was well organized with plenty of exhibitors and pet personalities. quoter
EZ X Harness

quotel I have had a booth at several of the Amazing Pet Expos and I always have an excellent show. The attendance is great and everything about the expo is wonderful. Thank you! quoter
Holistic Blend

quotel The Amazing Pet Expos staff has been wonderful throughout the whole process from booking booths, to advertising to day-of help. We were very impressed with the turnout at the event as well as the overall appeal of the show. We will definitely be back! quoter
Leashlocket, Ltd.

quotel Amazing Pet Expos does an outstanding job of catering to it’s exhibitors needs. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of the expo experience. Thank you! quoter
Mystic Sea Natural Pet Products

quotel The Pet Expo always draws a huge crowd. We have always been very pleased as not only a vendor, but also as a pet owner & animal lover. We will continue to show with Amazing Pet Expos in the future. quoter
Paul Mitchell - The School St. Louis

quotel Support staff at corporate and onsite were fabulous! Friendly, well-organized and super helpful. This was our first expo and a scary proposition for our small business but everyone at Amazing Pet Expos made it much easier and more fun! Thank you for all of your hard work and effort! We anticipate a steep increase in business as a result of our participation in this show. quoter
Christine Hansen Memorial Art Glass

quotel The staff at Amazing Pet Expo were not only helpful via email/phone but in person as well. I can’t wait till next year. The exposure gave us so much exposure. Thanks for everything! quoter
Pittie Me Rescue

quotel Foot traffic was steady. Attendees were very receptive. Amazing Pet Expo staff are very nice and accommodating looking forward to our next show! quoter
Lambert Vet Supply

quotel Amazing Pet Expos does a great job at marketing to attendees. They spread the word around very well through social media as well as emails. The price is great for any beginner exhibitor, so we recommend them for first time exhibitors. quoter
Paras Pets LLC

quotel Everything was great with Amazing Pet Expos. quoter
Long Dog Apparel

quotel The Amazing Pet Expos staff is meticulous in the attention to my company’s needs. Love you all! quoter
Dogger Jogger

quotel The Amazing Pet Expo staff was very help. Sheila was awesome and made everything happen smoothly for me and never made me feel like an inconvenience. quoter
Dalls Pet CPR & First Aid

quotel Amazing Pet Epos is a great way to raise awareness for many causes. We do so much for senior and all age special need dogs! quoter
Bark N Rest

quotel Loved the service provided by the Amazing Pet Expos staff. quoter
American Paw

quotel Amazing Pet Expos is amazing! We love to attend and like the demographics/pet community that their shows draw. We’ll be back! quoter

quotel Amazing Pet Expos did a wonderful job in selecting a venue and organizing an expo that was great for pet lovers and vendors alike. They were easy to work with, very responsive to questions and concerns and genuinely interested in putting together an organized event. quoter
Organic Focus Photography

quoterI am very pleased with the Amazing Pet Expo experience. We participate in 7-10 shows a year and we will be doing even more shows in the coming year.quoter
Worlds Best Cat Litter

quotel Amazing Pet Expos was truly an Amazing experience. quoter
Dogs on Deployment

quotel The staff at Amazing Pet Expos truly are amazing. They were super helpful and we plan on doing business with them for years to come.quoter
The O’Fallon Antler Company – James Pridmore

quotel For my first Pet Expo, Amazing Pet Expos created a perfect event for my Pet Portraits to be showcased. Being my first show I trusted and relied on Jenn and her group to provide me with the proper direction and info for a successful show.quoter -Pet Portraits - A Thousand Memories

quotel We had a great response, thank you Jenn for helping out as we had just relocated recently!! It was an Amazing Show at the Amazing Pet Expo!quoter -Rainbow of South Florida

quotel I am very pleased with the Amazing Pet Expo experience. We participate in 7-10 shows a year and we will be doing even more shows in the coming year.quoter
Worlds Best Cat Litter

quotel We’ve exhibited with Amazing Pet Expos for several years in St. Louis and have always had a fantastic experience. The staff has phenomenal customer service and will bend over backwards to ensure you have a great show!quoter
Helping Hounds Training – Erin

quotel Nice wide aisles, friendly staff. We always love Amazing Pet Expos!quoter
Meowsers – Linda

quotel Thank you Amazing Pet Expos™ for providing an indoor venue that attracts hundreds, if not thousands of pet owners who are interested in learning about the pet related businesses and nonprofits in Northeast Ohio.quoter
One Health Organization – Dr. Anna

quotel I have attended many other pet events in the Denver area and Amazing Pet Expo is by far the best promoted with tons of pets and their owners. They are marketing effectively to responsible pet owners. Spend your marketing dollars wisely and attend an Amazing Pet Expo!quoter
Muttley Maid – Leslie

quotel I highly recommend the Amazing Pet Expos for animal related businesses who want to get in front of true animal lovers. The audience is large and fully engaged.quoter
Sensibly Chic Designs for Life – Barbara Green

quotel If you are looking to put your business in front of people who are passionate about pets, the Amazing Pet Expo is the place to be! quoter
Barbara Green, Sensibly Chic Designs for Life

quotel I have been working with Amazing Pet Expos in multiple cities for about three years. They always put on a great show for guests and vendors, especially in stage entertainment. They are AMAZING! quoter
Katie Newman, Amazing Treat Diet

quotel The amazing pet expo is a vital event for the pet community as well as their human counterparts its a souce of products, new foods and an educational experience for all, plus its very entertaining.quoter
The Pitbull Lady

quotel  Staff is exceptional – I personally worked with Trom who is very personable and a great face to have representing Amazing Pet Expos. quoter
The Honest Kitchen

quotel Amazing Pet Expos is a great show to participate in as a vendor. They are organized, caring and they don’t allow vendors who sell animals or shock collars. Thank you for a great experience. quoter
Training With Grace

quotel I have worked with several events and by far Amazing Pet Expos was amazing. Staff members respond quickly to emails & questions. I love how the staff members made me a comfortable and a priority. I will come back again! quoter
Journey Within

quotel As an exhibitor, we love attending Amazing Pet Expos! They are always well attended and you can expect to receive top notch customer service from everyone at the Amazing Expos! quoter
Hills Science Diet

quotel Amazing Pet Expos is a great experience for pet owners everywhere! The attention to detail makes everyone feel special and the pets are the ones that benefit greatly! quoter
Best Bully Sticks

 quotel Amazing Pet Expos has a great staff and the Nashville Pet Expo was at a great location. quoter
Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter

quotel  I've done many shows before with other companies and groups, but the show with Amazing Pet Expos was one of the best organized events I’ve been to. quoter
Atlantic Pet Doors

quotel Amazing Pet Expos allow us to get face-to-face time with the dog owners our product is meant for better than any other way we have tried. The crowds are big, full of passionate animal lovers and the staff works hard to make our work easier. quoter

quotel Amazing Pet Expo did a good job on advertising – we had a steady stream of visitors all day long and people waiting at the door to come in when we opened. That rocked! Thanks! quoter
Zen Rabbit Rescue

quotel The Amazing Pet Expo staff rocks! quoter
Himalayan Dog Chew

quotel Amazing Pet Expos staff members were very friendly & receptive to feedback. The venue was clean & spacious – it was great to be able to park our vehicles close to the booth for set-up & breaking them down. The booths were set up with tables & chairs so we didn’t need to bring our own, which was great. Thanks for the opportunity! quoter
One Health Organization

quotel I love the Amazing Pet Expos shows quoter
Scrappy's Closet

quotel Very easy venue for meeting people interested in the well being of their pets. Truly amazing pet expo – with thousands of people yet plenty of room for all. Fun events, great time to meet, educate, create connections. The staff runs it so smoothly that it feels like a wonderful home! quoter
Animal Aromatherapy

quotel We, Charlotte Poop 911, look forward to this event each year for the exposure and interaction with local patrons, of whom some become clients for our business. The event itself is well coordinated and managed by the Amazing Pet Expos staff! A hearty kudos to their efforts. quoter
Charlotte Poop 911

quotel We always love Amazing Pet Expo shows! The crowds are great and so are the venues! Can’t wait for the next show! quoter
My Perfect Pet

quotel I love to attend Amazing Pet Expos because they advertise well and there are a lot of people. I always make good contacts and my business has grown because of these events. quoter
Sammy Doo Pet Diaper Wraps

quotel Amazing Pet Expos are the best place to be pet focused and pet-centric! quoter
Simple Care for Pets

quotel Amazing Pet Expos was a great way to gain exposure and make new relationships! quoter
Scan My Pet Pls!

quotel Natural Balance Pet Foods was very pleased that we participated in this event. Great crowds, lots of interested dog and cat owners. Lots of great cooperative dogs who liked our treats!!We handed out over 2000 samples of dog and cat food. Hopefully many will purchase Natural Balance products in the future. We appreciated all of the advance information from amazing pet expos and pretty much knew everything we needed to do. Very well run. Looking forward to next year! quoter
Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc

quotel At Amazing Pet Expo in September 2011 we repped our John Paul Pet Shampoo brand and had a great experience with everyone; the other vendors, the customers and the awesome dogs! quoter
Paul Mitchell Northern New England

quotel We felt the staff was very helpful throughout the set up process, during the event and the facilities were well kept. We appreciated to staff’s attention and ability to accommodate our needs. The turnout was great we got a lot of exposure and we would defiantly recommend attending and exhibiting at Amazing Pet Expo! quoter
Kozy Kruizers